• chechong 10w

    Missing my young souls "PP 'A"

    Excitement and curiosity to learn is being showcased by the innocent young souls.
    They wanted to discover their talents, but with the current situation they are compelled to remain at home.
    Please, may I go out!
    Please, may I come in! Were their favourite phrases at school.
    And those phrases were disruption for me.
    My days used to brighten glancing at cute children of mine.
    They are medicine for my stress and sometimes cause of my stress.
    Hiding when they see me and greeting when they see me is what I like the most.
    Playing with my hair is what they enjoyed the most. ‍♀️‍♀️
    Disciplining them was a challenging task, but they unmask the true nature of a teacher.
    Singing nursery rhymes...
    Starting from watermelon to head and shoulder
    Learning to write..
    Beginning from different line orientations
    Learning to speak. ..
    Telling their names in correct structure..
    Was all I could do within the span of time.
    I miss my young innocent souls.
    I miss their smile and their company.
    Hope to see you all soon with sound health and more excitement to learn.