• komal_amb 23w

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    Hurting is easy, managing your own emotions is tough. This is the hardest truth I have faced while communicating with my kind. I have understood one simple fact that deep down we are selfish and vulnerable. A very harsh fact but true, that, hurting is an easy job.

    Because we have gone through the storm of happenings in our mind, the only option is to give that hurt which was stored in our mind. We do that often, because we are not able to manage ourself properly. We close our defence mechanism that lies in our selves - faith. People don’t believe in that word anymore and chaos falls upon.

    I would like to see someday people would really make it hard for hurting some other. I would like to see someday how love conquers everything and people start loving each other, only then there would be harmony. Only then people would feel the belonging and care for each other. I would like to say this to myself that one day people would feel the pain before hurting them.

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    Hurting is such an easy job nowadays.
    People cry, people wound,
    People come back,
    People live it all,
    Through the emotions
    Feeling in your void heart.
    Then they give it all,
    The happiness they share,
    The sadness they part,
    Through their white heart.
    Deep down they are cold,
    And calculative,
    Cruel and destructive.
    They would hurt to
    Gain the power inside them,
    They would help,
    Only to learn the selfish
    Motives inside of them.
    There is no love found,
    There is no love shared,
    We are all alone,
    Fighting for ourselves
    In the jungle filled
    With the remorse
    And power hungry monsters