• ladysag77 27w

    I had a moment of doubting myself today despite all I have accomplished in this past year. Then I had a ephiany. I will not let the haters win, I refuse to give in. I have battled the demons and now I triumph over trauma y'all��

    #strongwoman #believinginmyself #nothingwillkeepmedown #femalepoet #badasswoman
    #fearless #nottoday #neverlookingback

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    Head held high

    Despite where you have been
    All that you've taken on the chin
    You shine like a well polished gem
    A woman no one could ever condemn
    Fearless, sassy and full of spunk
    Girl, you show em you ain't nobody's punk
    Rising higher now, you're about to show this world
    Just what you can do once unfurled
    Let that wind take you places you've always dreamed
    I tell you my lady, you have been redeemed.