• trod27 6w

    I noticed I took it out on many people when I got my heart broken,
    I controlled my feelings for so long, I forgot how to treat others....
    I treated people the way I got treated, because I couldn't trust anymore after the betrayal
    But doing so I pushed many people that tried to help me recover, tried to help me heel,
    I have spoken to many, and realized that out of all the people I have spoken to, only one cought my eyes, one managed to make me feel again
    Only one made me realized that love still exist,
    But me being a controlling freak with my feelings I keep hurting that one person that made me feel so happy again, but this happiness I feel inside is so different, it's not the same I never felt this happy.....and today is the day I give it all up, and take the risk in love again, because why not, life is not perfect, we learn from our mistakes, life is to short to keep hurting ourselves and others because of that one person that did us wrong, it's not anybody's fault, and it's not yours either, guess it wasn't meant to be, but my break up taught Me a lot and with that I'll follow my heart, I took it as a lesson and now I'm move on!.... all we have to do is take it slow, not go straight to the point this time,..because I want to be happy, he makes me happy...so I'm letting it happen...