• mokshk2003 9w

    The Earth Is In Danger

    The Earth is in danger
    I say to every stranger
    The Earth is in danger

    It's normal to have a group of friends
    Who help you during crisis
    It isn't normal to have a group of terror-men
    Unfortunately it's calles ISIS

    The Temples are to worship
    For all it's a common space
    And that was a lie
    Don't believe me, read about the Ayodhya Case

    We say we want a peaceful country
    We say we do not want war
    Yet when we hear about Syria
    We intend to ignore

    We're in the 21st century
    Discrimination dwells within
    And it's creating destruction
    Just ask New York's Tower Twin

    The weather's changing fast
    There's no more fresh air out there
    And do not complain about it
    We busted crackers even when we were aware

    There are Purifiers in house of all
    This is because water is no more pure
    And thus the villians of today think
    Killing half the population is the cure