• __roy__ 51w

    Instant Reply

    He-Hey. (Seen yesterday at 12:00 AM)
    She-Hi (Today 4pm)
    He-Wassup? (Seen now)
    She-Nothing (Today 4:56 PM)
    He-Ow. (Seen now)
    He-Hey you ok? (Seen now)
    She-Gotta go. (Today 7:35PM)
    He-When 'll u be back? (Seen 7:35PM)
    She-I don't know. Bye. (Today 7:40PM)
    He-Okay. (Seen 7:41PM)

    Now it's 11:59pm.
    She's still online. But there's no reply.
    They used to be best friends.