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    And once again we here to post our writeup to an amazing challenge by one of our loved challenger @we_support .

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    Desi @writerstolli hot tadka to cool firangi Sylvia Plath's poem.

    Is an art, like everything else
    I do it exceptionally well

    I do it so deep inside my heart
    I do it so deep freeze my pains
    I guess you could see way of I'm dying

    It's easy enough to do it in a lone
    It's not easy enough to hide that I'm dying
    It's an empirical

    Go a long way
    To the same aches, the same grief, the same luring guiles
    Confused throughout

    A satirical
    Things knocking me down
    There is a charge

    For the pleasant smiling lips, there is a charge
    For the sweet innocent heart_
    It really goes

    And there is a charge, a very large charge
    For a priceless precious life
    Is the death

    Or a process of dying each sec
    So, so Herr Adviser
    So Herr Healer

    I am your bogus
    I am your worthless
    Diamond from the Earth

    That cut each freak
    I learned and returned
    Do not heard yours great concerns, sorry

    Flash, flash_
    Birth and death
    It's a life, there is nothing other than there_

    An art of dying inside
    An art of healing myself
    An art of resurrection

    Herr Fate, Herr Destiny

    Out of the ash
    I rise with my red hair
    And how many time you may try to burn me


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