• asphodel_ 9w

    ofc, life is unpredictable. How come I never thought that this day will pass like a dreaded nightmare when we would be apart by many means. We ain't fond of gambling on life still we are forced to play. The unevenness of days and nights whine our hearts from the farthest canyon.

    22 Sept,one of my favorite day, when you staged this world by your presence. Neither of us were aware that one day we will meet but we did and even the short elapse of time buried that love in my chest. I was very grateful to have you and at this moment too, I'm not regretful. I always planned to make this day the best memory to adore. But...... ( someone planned to...)

    Dear lost love of mine,

    Happy Birthday ❤

    We don't talk anymore but I know you might be thinking about me ,
    We ain't together anymore but I know how much close we are,
    We ain't the typical lovers but the survivors of subtlest scent of cologne of love.
    Just close your eyes for once and you will always find me there in you.
    I don't have anything to gift you bcz nothing better happened in my life except you.
    "I stay happy and always smile through my core", this is the worthy statement I can gift you.
    People might call me a betrayer but I know what makes you truly happy, my happiness. And trust me i won't ever let the efforts ,once you made, fail.

    The candle light dinner under the gleaming moon, we alone near the seashore enjoying the night with red wine over each other's lips, everything rest in imagination now.
    The night which was supposed to sing the muse of our carnal love, is now surrounded with dark clouds of melancholy.

    May god shower you with peace of mind and you be the best in person.
    May every success and opportunity touch your feet and you be blessed by a deary soulmate.

    Happy Birthday by the end of this day ❤

    yours no-one