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    As I moved hand on her back, she moaned with pain and hugged tightly. Quilt slided a bit and in the mirror I could see red assault marks on her back.

    I wrapped her in arms and hugged her may be I felt that she was really needed to be loved. As the sunshine fell on her face, it was like white mountain ranges got the first kiss of sun.

    I slided out of bed and got fresh. It was Sunday. I went in kitchen to make breakfast. I made one for her too. I was having coffee and reading newspaper. She came and sat in front of me with her messy hair and yawning face.

    I was drinking coffee with newspaper laying in my lap. She looked at me and smiled.

    Would you like to have something to eat? I asked.
    No I just want to spend time with you.

    I had so many questions about her. I was about to ask.

    Bell rang!
    It was milkman, I took the milk, he looked in the house , I could see changed expression on her face but he also didn't questioned me.

    I placed milk in the refrigerator, took a can of juice and some cookies, gave it to Ms.X

    Can I ask you something?
    Yeah sure, she said in agreement with tucking hair in bun.

    That day outside club, your hand was cut. How?

    She smiled. Did you see me taking my glass back when I left the table?

    I tried to remember, ummm...no.

    Actually I broke the glass and slit my wrist a bit, and poured blood in my drink.
    You know vampire, she winked.

    I gulped a bit. After all the things happening none of awkwardness about her made me uncomfortable.

    Oh I see, you like blood. And when I dropped you at home, I saw an image. A girl was kissing a girl.

    Her facial expressions changed. A tear flicked from her eye.

    Are you a lesbian?

    She giggled. No I am not. But one of my friend is. She kissed me forcefully that day.


    Silence persisted for some time. I placed newspaper on table and did weird things with hand clenched together, ah anxiety.

    Why do you live alone? She asked.

    Oh me, actually my parents are divorced and they kept arguing about who will take care of me so I just became independent.

    Oh, that mean you have seen bad relationship , show come you be so believer in love.

    My ex used to love me a lot. She made me realise that emotion do exist. But when she died in car accident , she left a void probably no one can fill.

    What if I can ? She said and came close to me.
    She bent over me and was about to kiss. I closed my eyes. She was attracting me toward her. My heart was throbbing at unusual pace.

    She giggled and asked. Where is washroom, I need to go and get fresh.

    I sighed and with hand pointed at the washroom.

    She went with a wink. I cleaned the table and did some of my pending work on laptop. I was sitting in my bedroom and her bag was there laying on side table. Her cell phone was ringing. I waited for her to come back and attend the call but it was too late , there were 10 miscalls.

    At last I attended the call and the other person just started yelling.

    Hey you bitch, tell me who you are? You know I am very dangerous person. Why are you blackmailing me over my wife's death, tell me how much money you want I will give you as much as you want. Just once tell me your name. You mother Fu...

    As her phone wasn't charged it blipped and went off.

    She was tried to be killed ? My eyes were open wide.

    She came and she was beautiful, she was draped in towel can I get something to wear. I will buy something for me today.

    I gave her some clothes of mine. And went to drawing so that she could change.

    I was sitting at the couch and took newspaper. I was trying to divert my mind.
    On page number 5.

    A dead body found in room number 7 3 rd floor, Lem Appartment Cruz Street.

    To be resumed.

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