• wildspirit2409 37w


    You Came To My Life As Lovely Breeze And Made My Life Upside Down.Things Were Going Great, Love Is In The Air And Filled My life With all The Joys Of The World At My Feet. Made me feel like Top Of The World. Then One Day Suddenly You Left Me In The Middle Of No Where, No Where To Be Found. I Was In Tears For Years. Then One Fine Day After Years Of Search I Got See You Smiling And You Seems To Be Happily Enjoying Your Pizza. I Was Happy And About To Confront You, Suddenly Heard The Word Babu From Your Mouth And Was In Shocked, Word Babu Made Me feel So Alive And Was About To Reply Then Came The Shock Of My Life Someone Just From My Behind Came Running, Little Did I Know That Babu Was For That Guy. All My Happiness Was Flowing Down My Eyes And I Was About To Fell Down When A Unknown Hand Caught Hold Of Me, Then For The First Time She Notice Me After So Long After She Left There Was Guilty In Her Eyes. Her Eyes Were Asking Me To Keep Quiet .................? I Left That Place And Never Looked Back And Still Wondering Why She Left Me, Every Night I Wake Up With Same Dream.