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    >> A talk to my gloomy soul! <<

    I feel yourself kinda typical, you just overwhelm the situations, maybe because you flow a lot with emotions, idk...
    Okay, you feel your own people cheat you and you can't bear that?
    Then what about those who don't belong to you? doesn't their bad behave hurt you?

    "Yeah, they hurt me but I don't value their bad words!"

    Ain't you familiar with the concept like apnay to maar b dein to itna feel nhi hota jitna ghair ka aik choti c chot pohnchana bura lg jata hai?

    "You know what is "maan"? Maan means the values! The values you get, the values you give!
    It's more like give and take. We have a misconception here, when some relationship hurts you, you feel sad and ignore it with either a self thought or when someone tells you that particular relationship has that so-called "maan" over you! Aur man to apno pr hi hota hai na! Where the hell goes the dual-sided concept then? Or ghair pr maan kre ga b koi q?
    And when we can say, love is two-sided, respect is two-sided, everything is two-sided, where goes maan? Isn't it two-sided?
    You keep hurting someone and then keep feeling or saying that he/she must not feel anything because yrr, I have maan over him, then why you forget k us ka b tum pr maan hai jis ki base pr wo tum se kisi aisay nonsensical attitude ko ya kisi hurting baat ko expect nhi krta?
    I wanna go deep in a blue ocean and stay there forever so I can feel lightweight, numb, and died! I can't tackle such situations everyday!
    And I don't understand this, that's why I feel lacking, that's why I feel gloomy, & that's why I feel broken with emotions! Mere liay ye concept fail hai!!!"

    I am fail and I accept my failure! I can't win the thoughts' battle here and now, because I can't make the situations better for you!
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