• the_potato 10w


    A word which can neither be termed as positive nor negative. But I guess, in positive ways, it's a bliss on the other hand, if negative, it's a terror.

    A talkative person, who loves mixing up with people, who can't be normal without talking, what will happen if he's left alone. He'll get shattered. He'll start hating everybody.

    This might have happened with each of us atleast once. It seems stupid when someone says "Oh come-on!!! You'll get well..Be busy & you'll forget everything"
    ..Because those moments, when you work..there's no guarantee that the memories won't flash back!!

    So, may I suggest all of those broken person in each of us to mix up with our people all again. Trusting is not mandatory. But spending time with our people, your family, your siblings may surely help us rewind all the happy moments.

    Let's not just exist, Let's LIVE!!