• rachelezell27 5w

    Addict's Prayer

    Let it get better
    Don't let it get worse.
    Make waking up feel like a blessing
    Instead of like a curse.

    Make each day different,
    don't make them all the same.
    When you're wrong, admit it,
    don't make me take the blame.

    Make my face light from smiling
    Not damp from all the pain.
    Make me boom laughter like thunder,
    instead of crying like the rain.

    Make me awake tomorrow,
    feeling just like me.
    The 'me' before the addictions,
    back when I was free.

    Take away the aches and the hurt,
    clear away all the debris.
    If I had never met with addiction,
    Show me what my life would be.

    Let me start it over,
    I'm not too proud to plead.
    Or help me fix it now,
    I'm begging on my knees.

    Let me find comfort in myself again,
    Let me feel normal and mundane.
    Let my world become leisurely and calm,
    instead of hectic and insane.

    I long for the days
    When I no longer seek you.
    When I can be tempted without partaking,
    because I no longer feel the need to.

    Let my mind be strong enough,
    To say "no, I don't need you."
    And to the drugs someday say,
    "Hey, I finally beat you."

    ~ Rachel G. Ezell