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    My happy place just happens to be a person ��

    (Idk when it started but the green heart emoji is basically my symbol. It's the only one I use. I'm a weirdo.)

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    And a huge, huge shoutout to @sunshinespectrum for tagging a bunch of people in my first poem and bringing a ton of love my way, it's given me the opportunity to spread my words and touch more hearts, so thank you ��

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    Happy Place

    "Find your happy place" was a phrase I found hard to respond to at one point in time.

    I'm generally a happy person so one moment couldn't possibly seem to overwhelm the rest.

    How would I know what moment to bring myself back to when in dire need of a peaceful mind?

    How does a positive soul determine which moment ever truly was her best?

    Then, I did have a moment, which I'm too selfish to share, I must apologize,

    But it came out of the blue and I've been replaying it over and over in my mind.

    I didn't expect it and it took me compleatly and blissfully by surprise,

    That's when I realized your "happy place" will stand out and shine bright, it's not something you have to seek to find.