• tamanna3 10w

    An Eternity

    when the sun goes down
    and there's not a golden ray,
    I'll be there singing a song like a prayer,
    on the red beach that holds you,
    in the reminisces of the decaying warmth,
    a song that'll melt the budding blue of the night.

    when the room is dark
    and we're all by ourselves,
    let's listen to that song like a lullaby,
    embrace it like our mother's arms and slumber;
    the melody relaying a warmth like that of golden bonfires,
    melting the frost inside our hearts before the night seeps within us.

    the midnight shall pass by in a jiffy,
    but our laughter will hang in the cold air,
    like flickers rising from a bonfire,
    our hearts will soar high through the cold winds;
    we'll recite the song again like a morning prayer,
    and preserve this moment in ourselves for: An Eternity.


    P.c. @__maryam__ XD ♡

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    An Eternity

    Like a morning prayer
    This song will remain with us
    for : An Eternity .