• kamen1 5w


    Stress impeding like a cork screw about to pop
    The information I learned starts to ease out of my memory
    The paper in front of me slowly starts to blur
    I can hear the subtle ticking of the two hand clock
    The more I stare at the problematic paper
    I realize staring pensively at it will only cause harm

    I squeeze the black erasable pen in my right hand
    Inhaling a calming breath of air
    And force the pen to touch the paper
    A black mark turns into numbers
    Numbers turn into formulas
    Formulas turn into equations
    Equations turn into solutions

    My hesitance has begun to fade away
    I punch my past self with the worry it made me go through
    I finish the test with ease
    Handing in my paper with a graceful smile
    Satisfied with the effort I gave