• mkayyyy 5w

    I sit, I lie, I gaze, I breathe
    I turn again and try to sleep
    I eat, I see, I hear, I hum
    I pause to my own deafening heartbeat

    Life so perfunctory
    It’s barely alive
    Fear so profound
    I’d rather just die

    Deny myself happiness
    Deny myself control
    Created some fake unnecessary goals

    Life so perfunctory
    It doesn’t excite
    Overwhelmed by the bests
    Far from feeling alive

    I blink I breathe I turn I cry
    I’m still stuck in an endless night

    I cry I smile I laugh I joke
    I distract myself but never works

    I wait I wait I wait I wait
    I wait for a moment I cannot explain

    I pray I pray I pray I pray
    I pray for the wait to end some day