• rainyheart 23w


    Everybody wants to live a peaceful life- no altercation, no arrogant behaviour, and not being pretentious. It just have to be simple- no fights, be humble, accept each one's flaws and lacking, be generous and open minded. Why do we have to complicate life? We are the ones who control it so we have full responsibility on how our daily living will be. Our life can either be fortunate or miserable- it depends on how we deal with it. In this world full of challenges, all we have to do is to be strong and be patient enough to handle things accordingly. Face each difficulties with a calm attitude, in this way we are able to think of a better move that will lead us to the right decision. Most of us rely our destiny in luck but for the information of all, we create our own luck. With our every smooth move, all things just fall into places as we please.

    Failure can never be averted; which is indeed a challenge for us. In this way, we were tested to the best of our abilities- our patience, perseverance, loyalty, faith, and our truthfulness. Only one question there is: "Can you stand your ground?". We all know what this means. This will prove how dedicated we are on our goals and in overcoming the trials that life has given to us. "Is it just for fun?", "go with the flow?", "what comes will come?" or "nobody can drag me down! not even you! or you!". Dealing with life is not easy especially when you have set a goal. You will fight for it until you reach it. And when that time comes, you will protect it will all your might. Just keep on dreaming, fight for your dreams, and never give up. We should always remember that we create our own destiny and we have the full responsibility of our life.