• spokenpoetry 5w

    Just some thoughts swirling around in my head these past few days. I've honestly just been struggling this past week, yet somehow I am able to facade a smile. For how long though I wonder. I wonder if my words are heard this time and truly understood.

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    Please don't claim me to be strong.
    For I am of only a man praying a place to belong.
    For I am of only a man praying to be loved.
    Blessed a woman to hold, be my beloved.
    That of who my words can be spoken.
    Even if they aren't to be spoken.
    For I am of only a man struggling to be whole.
    Waiting a day uncaged will be my heart and soul.
    Waiting a day my emotions after no longer silenced.
    For I am of only a man.
    A man yearning the love of a woman.

    -مجاهد ابو فارس