• lookkey 6w

    San Carlos

    Sunday morning.
    Phone rings,
    Beautiful son.
    His heart sings.

    Got his licence.
    Gained 10 pounds.
    18 years.
    Love abounds.

    Hot as Hades.
    Humid there.
    No A/C.
    Just moist air.

    Kids are fishing.
    Life is sweet.
    Sunday morning.
    Families greet.

    Long-distance news.
    A hug online.
    Your son is yours.
    Your family, mine.

    32 cases of Covid in the hamlet of Zarcero, I am told. Fingers-crossed, and prayers....for Costa Rica. For the world.
    This poem highlights the idea that blended families are, like all families.....to be appreciated.

    SUNDAY, August 16, 2020.