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    The title should actually be, "फ्रोस्टी के पॉटरहेड्स" ;-;; but the title is too long for mirakee ;-;

    Get ready to be emotional! * Evil laughter *

    Ps- comment section will make me cry. Stop it, frosty ke potterheads!

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    Frosty ke Potterheads

    Velo, you taught me how love is a beautiful thing and that if you and your significant other are strong, you can get through mountains. So, stay strong like that, okay?

    Zohi, I vented to you once and you told me about my mistakes. You're an honest and a very good friend. I wish there were more people like you. But I guess, the most precious jewels are the most rarest to find. * Yes I called you a special jewel *

    Ketki, you are just amazing. Your paintings are something which makes me a lil bit jealous of you. And of course, I wish i could turn this text into purple. Stay the same re.

    Shadi, or Shalinee, or Shasha, thora online aaya karo. You're an amazing person, inside and outside. The fact that we both are Team Damon, is I guess the first thing we found in common. Stay the way you are!

    Sakshi, you are a Ravenclaw, and I guess that's what makes us similar when it came to songs and movies and whatnot. I have always admired your writing. Ps- I wrote that tell on tellonym when velo followed you.

    Mihi, kya bolu re? I never thought i would find such an amazing person like you. A perfect amount of craziness and subtlety lies inside your soul. You're sweet, amazing. Ily, you know that.

    Ashu, or wait, Ashupuff, yeah that's better. I feel so blessed to have met you. You are also one of the strongest people, I know. A considerate, caring and an amazing writer, you truly are my Mirakee best friend re.

    I don't know what else to say about them. Because they are legit the most craziest set of people I have met on Mirakee. Sometimes there's a "scathing" silence in the group, and sometimes, everyone goes crazy and start messaging at the same time.
    I love them! And since I'm going on a long hiatus, what better time and better way to dedicate a post. Because it's never late to tell people who you admire, that "You mean the most to me."
    There are certain other people here too, but these people are just my daily dose of entertainment XD they even made me go into this habit of using "XD" emoji. And the kind of memes you'll find in our group, uff, sometimes the elders will forget that there are 14 year olds and then say, "Oops sorry". Told ya, crazy.

    So frosty ke potterheads. I'll misssss youuuuu guysssss bheryyy muchhhhh. I'll come back in April/march with a smash and disrupt you life. Forever. And. Ever. And. Ever.

    Love you guys!

    - Aradhya