• nitin9219 6w

    Wyoming un fencing.

    I went once hiking
    I trekked to hills of Wyoming
    Wyoming had Old Faithful gushing
    Wyoming had water steaming
    Steaming sight was exhilarating
    Steaming sight I began to sing
    Sing with such vigour and sting
    Sing hurt Mr Ming
    Mr Ming who came from Beijing
    Mr Ming had a thing
    Thing for say timing
    Thing I lack when I sing
    Sing was for me expressing
    Sing was an exuberant feeling
    Feeling good I am this spring
    Feeling good thats surprising
    Surprising cause misery I bring
    Surprising cause smiled now Mr Ming
    Mr Ming said good singing
    Mr Ming and I started talking
    Talking He was the Communist fling
    Talking I was the Democratic sling
    Sling and fling and flags unfurling
    Sling and fling and neighbours fighting
    Fighting unnecessary neighbours goofing
    Fighting unnecessary under Tibetan roofing
    Roofing high was geyser of Wyoming
    Roofing breaching skies of spring
    Spring had new offering
    Spring had blue skies amazing
    Amazing such was talks of Mr Ming
    Amazing it removed the Chineese sting
    Sting myself a bee buzzing
    Sting set a fire blazing
    Blazing I coudnt take the thing
    Blazing until helped by Mr Ming
    Mr Ming gave some medicine
    Mr Ming now sprouted angel wing
    Wing I oft thought is a Christian thing
    Wing now a Communist were sprouting
    Sprouting in my heart a tiny sapling
    Sprouting eyes now started swelling
    Sweeling tears of happy earthling
    Swelling heart now telling
    Telling its us who did the dividing
    Telling its us who did the fencing
    Fencing meaningless now I sing
    Fencing done away I am now king