• lifeandverses 11w

    Dear beautiful stranger,

    A second letter is on your way. 

    I won't be lying when I say you don't seem to be real. Are you?

    I get this feeling that a day will come when we will stop talking, parting our ways, with no hope of having any more conversation. And thinking about it aches my heart. For how long have I known you? Not even for 3 days. But while talking to you, I felt as if I'm on a journey, a journey that took away all the chaos I was surrounded by and gifted me solace. And I know this journey will end someday and I'll be just left with the memories I made on the way. But I'm glad, I'm so glad I got to have this heart-melting voyage that came out as a total surprise.

    Let me tell you about myself. I was born and brought up in a Punjabi family. The environment that I was surrounded by involved people-pleasing. I've seen my own grandma doing everything for the sake of her reputation. From my family to my friends to everything that I had around me, everybody did everything to maintain their good image in society. I've seen my parents and relatives wishing happy birthday on Facebook and WhatsApp but having a pure hatred for each other in real life. I'd say all my life I've lived a life that involved faking a mask. Everyone I've met is running behind money and fame. Everybody wants to be recognized. All I've seen is fancy stuff, dressing up well, taking good selfies of yours, so, that we can have something good to post on our social media. I've seen people and myself caring about "what people will say?" Everyone is so caught up maintaining their social status. 

    But when you said that you don't want to be in the limelight, about your black and white font, and how one single genuine reader is enough for you, oh my God, again, ARE YOU REAL? 

    After talking to you, I realized how I've been living in a toxic environment. I don't know who you are. I just know a few pieces of you. I've read the thoughts you've put into words. And through that, all you've gained is huge respect. I genuinely admire you. You made me know what kindness actually is. Would you believe that I went to the washroom and sobbed when I read "I'm waiting for my turn. When I get it, I don't care if I'm hurt, coz a smile from the patient heals me better than a million verses". I wondered how someone can be so gentle and kind. Trust me, I've never seen people like you. All I've seen is doing good for others with a hope of appreciation in return. 

    As a doctor, you heal the physical wounds of your patients. But as a genuine human, you've healed those wounds of mine that I didn't know existed. You've saved me from the toxicity that was growing within me. Detaching the worldly walls my soul was embraced with and applying an ointment of affection over there. Also prescribed me the medicine of kindness. 

    I'm 19 right now. It doesn't matter who I was, what matters is what I will be. And I know I'll be a better person because some stranger planted seeds of warmth and gentleness within me. And I promise myself that for the rest of my life I'll try to be as kind as possible. I owe you for this insight. You're an angel in disguise. And you deserve all the appreciation I'm bestowing upon you. I hope it makes you smile. 

    I thought that those protagonists I've read and seen don't exist. My mind thought that they were the best. But you have set a new benchmark for me. I don't kid when I say that you're far better than anything I've read or seen. 

    You know I did not check my likes, comments, or followers on Instagram. In fact, I did not even use it. Coming from a person who is addicted to Instagram is a big deal. Also, with time I hope I'll make that emotional bond with my subject and I'll try to do it with all my heart. Again, I'm indebted to you.

    I wanted to say that whenever you'll leave or take a break from Mirakee, please drop your email id, in case you are fine with that. And I hope I'll get to meet you someday for you've impacted my life in wonderful ways. I don't appreciate anybody and everybody daily. You should know that your existence and the way you have an outlook on life has affected me in the most beautiful manner I could imagine. Today I'll say that life's pretty hopeful. If it weren't for you, God knows I would have been living this toxic life till the last day of my existence. But now my perspective has become so better. I feel like a load has been lifted that I've been carrying for so long.

    Also, I really really love reading your work. Every write-up is magnificent. All the stories that you've knitted through words have my heart. I am not doing a favour to you when I read them. I read because I want to, because I don't want to miss out on something that's too good not to be read. You don't see yourself as a bewitching writer but I do. Your work is remarkable and I am proud to be your reader.

    And no matter how much I say that your verses aren't fiction, deep down I hope that they're just fiction. Because I can't imagine you going through that much of agony. You deserve happiness and abundant joy. Would you believe if I say that I prayed to God for your happiness? I hope you're showered with intense bliss.

    Smile more often, have a heartfelt laughter every day, keep spreading kindness as you've been. Be as you are! :)

    - imaaa