• kissingstatic 24w

    Lonely Girl Black

    Love, it makes me wet. The thought, the feel, the smell. Watching it with couples. I, moisten. I, moisten. I, moisten. I, oh my god moisten! I dont want to moisten at the very whim of love. It's annoying to vye for something you dont have, that affects you so much you cant think straight. Why is love and lust along with it something that I know can feel so good but yet eludes me when I seek it. My beauty isnt enough, my beauty isnt enough to have and to hold, to let it slither/slide inside me..open me like a book. How much weight do I have to loose to have it open my soft pink petals, how clear does my face have to be for my nipples to be stroked. How many smiles do I have to pass out to find the person that will hold my smile forever?