• ink_and_solitude 9w

    A Ballad For You

    I don't know how to tell you
    How much you mean to me.
    You've taken my breath away
    And like a feather, I floated when you were there.
    Like sunshine, you were a sigh of relief
    A short respite from the cruel workplace.
    At nights, I thought about you
    Giving kindness new heights
    There was nothing less about you.
    Somehow your impossible genuineness,
    To take what you love and nurture it,
    A pledge to be better everyday,
    The best of words to others,
    Your heart on your sleeve,
    Melted my tough steel self
    And I looked within myself, inspired by you
    Unlucky are the ones that couldn't enjoy your company
    For to be with you is a blessing,
    I couldn't ask for more
    An angel on this earth,
    Your existence assures mine.
    That soft heavenly face, never angered
    Prettiest of eyes bearing a sparkle
    A smile that keeps me alive everyday
    I found hope again that a person like you
    Can fix the world piece by piece
    To speak of you and end would be a futile effort
    For no amount of speeches
    Could make the beautiful soul that you are, justice
    And thus, all I can say is thank you