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    I wanna meet the engineers

    @ Prometheus, Alien Covenant, and, Alien Awakening ����

    Why did Elizabeth Shaw die?
    I loved her.

    David has to be killed by his own creations.

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    A new look : Who created us!?

    Who created us?
    God knows.
    Did god create us?
    Then who created him?
    Did he just come by?
    Or if you are an aesthetic,
    Then are we just some random biological mismatch?
    Seems a very profound misfortune.
    Who are we?
    I want to know about myself.
    We created robots?
    Can we be someone's creation too?
    Have we killed our creators ?
    Will our creations also kill us?

    I'm terrified.
    I don't know?

    I wanna find our creators?!

    I wanna go
    Off to the off-shore,
    Where the sun undermines,
    A species of engineers.
    The species of crurines
    Creating someone.
    An another one,
    Someone like us or better ones.
    I wanna meet those engineers,
    The creator of usssssss.
    I wanna meet those angels,
    Or devils so profound.

    I just wanna meet them.