• thecrumbledtales 5w

    (I dont know what it feels like to be mother
    How beautiful the firstlook of her child would mean to her...)

    She was reborn
    With her newborn
    Reborn as a mother
    Her eyes cried
    And lips smiled together

    Her little eyes
    Were a a ocean
    She was experiencing
    An indescribable emotion

    Her tiny little fingers
    Held her thumb
    Her eyes were flooded
    She went all numb

    Her little lips
    Carried a smile magical
    She could never forget
    It was unbelievable

    She held her close
    To her bosom
    She had a little nose
    It was like a flower blossom

    It was magical
    seemed unreal but she could not deny
    Her womb was coccon
    A caterpillar had turned butterfly..

    - Krishna bhanushali

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    Her eyes were moist
    Lips still smiled
    She had known it long before
    Which now she had realised
    She saw her for the first time
    As if she were a caterpillar turned butterfly
    In her coccon, her womb..