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    A philosophy from a friend.

    They say a husband might hate his wife or there can be divorce and all.

    There are break ups in relationships.

    But if we look at some true friendships for life.

    Even though they are based on common interests or something but still they have that constant consistent behavior from the involved parties.
    And each one is consistently compounding itself into our lives to the point they become parts of our indispensable soul.
    Our friends.

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    Why do you say husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or wife are relationships that are of more worth than the relationship of a friend?

    If it's intimacy. I'll say it's flesh.
    If it's secrets I'll say it's choice.

    But if you ask me who and what are the contestant coefficient(s) of your equation of life,
    that aren't placed there forcefully, like your parents
    but are a result of integration through time you spent on this earth...

    They are your true friends or maybe just a friend.

    But true and constant they are.