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    By, Levi Stone
    All praise and honor is the Lords.

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    He sees what man has made from stone.
    Though He is not pleased.
    For nothing man can make,
    Could ever claim His heart.

    He knows all the deeds man has sewn. 
    Though they are futile.
    For with all the deeds of man,
    None could ever attain His glory.

    He gave his blood to fully atone.
    Though few believe it.
    For in all their ways,
    Man has been blinded.

    He is the Lord of all creation.
    Though men are truly deceived.
    For in this day and age,
    The Elect will feel but alone.

    He will not abandon His Nation.
    Though many claim it to be lost.
    For the time of his people,
    Will be quickly shown.

    He sees in man that which is hidden.
    Knowing all of their ways.
    Giving all of His love to them,
    And the Will of His eternal Grace.

    Praise be To the Lord on high.
    Praise be to His Love.
    His people shall not forsake Him,
    The Lord Who's day is yet to come.