• bklynsmiles 9w


    He was my moon , and I his sun.
    He was an angel; disguised to himself, living in the shadows of his past.
    His ability to be vulnerable is what I loved most about Him.
    I loved the sadness is his eyes when he confronted his thoughts
    I loved watching him squirm when he received affection unfamiliar to his world
    I loved him because even though he may have thought he didn’t know how, he still loved me the best
    I love him but.... love wasn’t enough.
    Through the lens of fear, he viewed
    His Strength as a sign of weakness
    A victim to his own guilt, he withdrew from any chance at love; Fear of both the known and the unknown he became imprisoned.
    He was afraid to confront anything that broke his illusion,
    But Mostly he was afraid of himself.
    He was Caught in his own web of confusion
    Rejecting reality to live in the chaos he brewed up
    Able but unwilling to make a decision, running for any chance of happiness
    He ran and I followed chasing after my own happiness in a world he unknowingly created .
    He said I didn’t belong, he said I wouldn’t understand - he wasn’t ready to let me in and I wasn’t ready to let go.
    But the truth is the harder we fought the quicker the walls came crashing in... truth sets in and we realize we bit off more than we could chew- choking on the very substance that’s supposed to sustain us.
    Tired we met with opposition, sitting in silence waiting for the universe to decide our fate . For now we leave it to be continued...
    What God put together let no man Tear apart and let no door be open that God himself is trying to close