• marbhie718 10w

    If a certain person is abused by someone. Someday s/he will definitely changed.

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    Dual personality

    How funny it is that people around me are taking advantage of my kindness.
    Haven't they have enough?
    To think of it, it was kinda depressing
    But, why I'm still on the edge of verge
    Where my soul begans to fade.
    For everything I did and said..
    There's nothing expectations
    But, my soul has been torn apart.
    Why I haven't noticed it all?
    Where did I go wrong?
    I just can't understand...
    There's something draws out the nerve
    Inside my mind.
    I've seen enough pain from the past.
    Now's my chance to destroy their insanity.
    I've never been like this before.
    Laughing loudly while seeing them in vain
    My past self has been long gone.
    Where I once so broke to the core
    Changes my whole personality
    And my way of thinking.
    It's hard to believe..
    That I have another personality
    That hides in my despairs.
    There's nothing to hide anymore.
    I'm completely different
    To how I used to be.