• toxicpencil 36w

    ❤ Mended Heart ❤

    Even though you're the one who blew it apart I can't deny you're the glue that mended the shards..
    Each chunk, each piece of that broken heart, every day and night we spend apart is a symphony of love penned by the gods, that I can't see nor hear but it's all that I feel ..my cup runneth over ..I can not conceal this abundance of joy I bow down and kneel...somebody please pinch me it's just too surreal ...I can't compose myself in your presence you broke the seal of the kid trapped inside me, intoxicated zeal, to hug and kiss those tender lips, butterflies danced in my stomach, the caress of your fingertips, exploding lust and gyrating hips as our souls united, and the sweat it dripped.. Remember my love? That tender embrace, I didn't have the words to express it then, but there was nothing fake.. I'll never forget laying there naked,
    overcome with grace, as my heart exploded and the river of tears ran down my face.
    I bawled in your arms because I'd spent years as a zombie from childhood abuse,
    And on that night, your love and light burst through. You shattered those walls,
    with ease you dismantled the guard. You reintroduced my soul back to love, with your sweet tenderness my muse, you've been gone so long now but I'll forever miss you. There's no doubt in my mind you were sent from above, to hold and to heal, to allow me to love. Perhaps that night to you was no big deal, though how could you ever repay someone who after 20 plus years once again allowed you to feel?

    Copyright 2018