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    What changes and what doesn't? @writersnetwork @writersofmirakee

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    The change constant

    Do you realise how a change happens?
    Which once ripped apart your soul,
    Brought you down to your knees,
    And then left your heart with a hole,
    It sure had given you some blisters,
    And had you frozen down to your toes,
    Gave you the tears you could cry out,
    When they fell down from your nose,
    You blamed the change that broke you,
    When your soul like a paper was torn,
    But trust me things happen for a reason,
    So that a new you could be born,
    If It's scary to watch thunder lightings,
    Then surely the rainbows will come,
    If it's peaceful to watch the sun rising,
    It's also lovely to see the setting sun!
    Some endings can be beautiful stories,
    When it's an evening on the seashore,
    And you only felt that you were sad,
    It's because you've been happy before,
    So embrace the changes happening,
    It only tells that you've a pounding heart,
    And if it happens that it skips a beat,
    You can always have a new start!