• arkiller 5w


    Our lives are made up of our past choices,
    And our future is controlled by these voices,
    Of the dark side, teaching us how to cast aside our emotions, surfing through the oceans

    While living through this life I made bad choices
    And I don't know how to get rid of these voices
    The hate inside is eating me alive
    I don't know how to survive

    All these tough choices
    Are making noises
    Inside my head
    The look in my eyes is bloody red
    I wonder if it would be different if I have chosen it instead

    What if I say those choices weren't mine
    It was the results of all the previous ones combine
    Our life is made of these
    And there is no point even if we disagree
    Our future is already decided
    By the thoughts in our head we hided

    Someone told me to write about choices so this was it