• wordswentunspoken 9w

    Most of my Poems are badly written, but these are more of me writing down my feelings than actually trying to make something of the poems. This is my way of letting go of my pain.

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    Tired of having a lonely soul
    And a broken heart
    Tired of being so carelessly torn apart
    Like my heart is made of steel
    My feelings of stone
    When the reality is
    That I break like glass
    And no super glue in the world
    Can glue my heart back in place

    I’m in a constant race
    Inside my own head
    Waiting and waiting
    For me to reach the edge
    The edge where I finally unravel
    And decide that it’s finally okay
    But I have yet to discover that feeling

    Tired of that aching feeling
    Constantly running through my body
    Leaving me hurt and forever broken
    Tired of my heart burning
    As they set fire to it
    Leaving me alone to put it out
    And keep my smile shining

    Tired of people assuming I’m okay
    Assuming that I’m fine
    That my heart hasn’t been broken
    Assuming that my smile is permanently there
    That my life is perfect

    Tired of people walking past me
    And seeing me
    But not seeing me
    Not seeing the hurt in my eyes
    That I see when I look in the mirror
    Or my tear stained cheeks
    That have been there for weeks

    Tired of no one coming to save me
    From myself
    From the demons within me
    Because I can’t save myself
    This isn’t a one man mission
    But I’m always alone
    In a room full of people
    Pretending to be happy
    To have a good time
    In the corner of the room
    Hoping wishing, someone would look at me
    And see right through me