• xantarium 5w


    I was happy. I was finally getting somewhere . Somewhere I felt more of myself ; somewhere i found peace .Atleast i was remembered for my existance . I found solace in myself because i was assured of happiness and love ;all this being stated and meant . I know it was great in the beginning , it really was . But you chose to prioritize things . Why lie to somebody if you cannot fulfill your promises; What will i remember you for? Will it always be the hurt, distance, inconsistency that you have always showed me? Will it always be about false hopes? Damn! The times of believing myths have passed!! Do you , even for a second , thought of how i felt? Do you ever worry? Do you every ask yourself how i am always there for you? I am sick and tired of everything that leads me to you .. I dedicated myself to you, all for you , I did not even think twice when it came to matters concerning you .. Would you do that for me? Would you?!