• vaarunimahe 9w


    We write for ourselves and we are not at all in the race to impress you. We want you to read our work because somewhere in our minds we consider some feelings vague ; we restrict ourselves from expressing them. We don't need your appreciation. We are here to empathize whenever you feel low. We understand you. We are aware of those insecure nights when you cried in the dark. We are also aware of your best days when you were glad and wanted someone to share your happiness with. There were times when you considered yourself weak ; you were deprived of gaining trust again but you read our quotes and poems to relate. We are there for you in all your ups and downs. We are the writers ; we create words to express you. We are the writers ; we write because you want us to decipher your situation. We write for ourselves just to create your feelings which generally people consider absurd.