• heartwithwords 10w

    Broken bones, torn far from sewn.
    What a person you can not revive,
    Decide the words to a waste said.
    The theory of an apathetic audience you device on him.
    This price has no limit to discriminate him.
    Far behind the normal, he is an anomaly.
    bitting his tongue, he may just quit this recitation of stereotypical obligations.

    Deciding on the vision he has held for so long,
    Marveling why things should go wrong,
    It could be easy just to give up,
    but so much beauty in this ugly.
    He ponders if he belong to this earth,
    Everyone seem to flow in a pattern,
    It's easier to just step out,
    But so much beauty in this ugly.
    A you , wasted, married to isolation.
    Found love in echoes.
    He might find wings, for a gift of a different world he sees.
    Insanity hugs, he survives, and they call him weird.
    Pushing forward cause a step could get him there.
    Marceline I call him#

    ©2019, Eloquent Sols