• lost_logophile 6w

    Up in the sky, I see it there
    Beautiful and bright, floating in the air,
    Puffs and cotton balls
    Floating peacefully and never falls,
    Forming different shapes
    Sometimes it even looks like a cupcake,
    Pristine white, golden light sometimes dark & bright
    Floats over there day and night,
    Dancing pillows of white and grey
    From them, how could I take my eyes away,
    It looks so sweet and proud
    Holding itself, beyond the life's crowd,
    Knowing it's duties, deep down the heart
    Nurturing the earth, and then to depart,
    Teaching us to stay selfless and calm
    In this Realm!

    I wish, I could live among the clouds in the Blue sky!
    #robinsonspoetry #nature #love #peace #life #poems #mirakee

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