• unknownanduntold 5w


    Being a selfish bunch is nice
    But sometimes it's a crime
    As your selfish behaviour
    Can lead to someone's cries

    Though humans are an elegant bunch
    They live most of there lives on a hunch
    And what matters to them matters
    What dosent are just disposable

    Humans themselves are inhumanly
    How can they keep someone happy
    When all that matters is there greed
    To satisfy there need in life

    Once someone was important
    He was the crown of your head
    Once deemed unnecessary
    Was just an old rag to forget

    When new friends are made
    New loves are found
    New jobs are accomplished
    New feets have been achieved

    Then what's the necessary
    For old things to stay in old places
    As the new shines bright
    And it's new show of light

    Once made a countless promise
    Ends in a endless sorrow
    Oh don't bother as it's not on both sides
    It's for the once who are selfish

    And for those who are not
    They are just selfless vase to be broken
    Pointless rugged attire to be thrown
    And useless memories to not atone

    So the selfish bunch please
    Keep up your new pride
    And let the humanity in humans
    Take sometimes the selfless ride