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    Guys, please let me know what you think about this excerpt. This is a quickie and I need to know your genuine comments so that I could develop the thread and make it into something amazing. Please
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    The Goddess of Chidambaram

    "Love.." she trailed off.
    Harsha looked at her keenly. She was 10 years older to him but hadn't aged since the last time he met. He looked at his own hands and found wrinkles had attacked him a lot more than it did to her. Graceful at her 30s back then, when she was teaching him and Meera poetries and proses about romance and other emotions, and graceful and more elegant now, in her sixties.
    Thirty years later, accidentally meeting on a journey to Chidambaram, Harsha wondered whether she had forgotten about Meera and him. Or she had forgotten about what she had loved and lost back then.
    "we both lost something in love, isn't it Harsha", he heard her saying as if she was reading his mind the whole time.
    He just smiled weakly and turned his gaze outside the window.
    "We have a long travel ahead, Harsha." she said.
    "Hope we find what we are looking for, Teacher.", Harsha replied.