• manishaa 23w

    That superimposed posture,
    The beginning of shedding
    And wearing the cape of togetherness,
    That unnerving force of each other,
    Strong shivers by the nimble contact,
    The unending hunger
    Of being thirsty for forever's limits,
    Damp fancies coinciding in dry regions
    For no visible reasons,
    Queries in eyes,
    Answered by closing them,
    The verbal silence begging for approval
    Of being disapproved
    Yet failing intermittently,
    Unorganized rhythms struggling
    To fall in harmony,
    The want and deprivation,
    The tussle of having craziest notion,
    Race of achieving to lose,
    To win the two hearts
    The laughs after the screams
    Fulfil the whims by all means.
    Love is so similar,
    Yet longs for that One Dissimilar.