• skylar_limytz 23w

    @writersnetwork the lunatic in his cage at the moment, this is the time to post. It's not really my taste, dull and dry for me. A victimless display of normalcy at best. That cat shouldn't tag anyone anytime in any post or comment. Lunatic rage Rage RAGE

    I'm not the same cat I was then. I'm not him. He's no longer with us, he's gone. That cat created this place for the best of humanity to take place in. It was a huge success. It was a beautiful place. It was a place of beauty. And with any luck, in that cat's absence it will live on. Although he's not here I'm sure that is what he'd want. It's just not my place to make that happen, I'm not him. We had a lot in common though. Like Sarah Goll for instance. We both love her like a little sister. No it's not my place, and it's not that cats place either. This place now belongs to Sarah Goll. It's hers. She can do whatever she wants and whenever she wants with this place if she wants. That Sarah Goll is gonna go far. And if a cat like him thought the same thing then I have to be right cause that asshole was never wrong. Have some fun young lady. Mix it up. Sometimes be good and sometimes be bad. More importantly be yourself young lady. With that being said, both that cat and myself wish you and yours all the best, all the time always. Love much and much love my dear. And remember never say straight but rather forward. And never say goodbye but rather until next time soon......

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    Passing The Lunatic Torch