• _the_whiskeydairies_ 10w

    Tell me something
    About you
    No-one else knows
    Show me parts of you
    That you despise the most

    Let the scars
    On your soul
    Give light to you
    Like the stars
    Buringing away the dark
    And the moon taking away the cold

    Let me back in
    Through the barriers
    Of your great unknown
    Let my soul call out to yours

    Let the tears pour out
    And clear the dark clouds
    Of your mind
    Find a moment of tranquility
    Let the mountains reach up
    And kiss the skies

    If you
    I won't run away
    I won't hide
    I can't promise you
    A happily ever after
    I'll stand with you
    By your side
    Hoping and battling
    Till and after
    the demons leave your mind

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    If you show me your demons