• kaveri_bhatnagar 6w

    The very little of my wierd choices..
    the shouts obscure and the silent noises..
    the fright of my lost night, my dream of a pillow fight..
    what kind a prayer it was..
    to consolidate the unknown or to pause..
    i would rather get ready for that perfect loss..
    to his strange thoughts, of a state to engross..
    my heart tamed, eventually unaware that it can be blamed..
    to be in that disease, i was surely ashamed..
    i was'nt a property, i was tired that i claimed..
    if i would have wings n my soul still sings,
    to the melody of the strings,and the pleasure it brings..
    a life still in the game,never fought fr money or fame..
    just to reach the peak of my aim, with all my strength n in God's name..