• harshad09 6w

    from the knife's edge
    of worldly pain
    some freshly baked dreams
    try to hide
    freshly emblazoned scars
    that keep dripping
    drop by drop

    not that these are dreams
    too delicate
    to survive the cacophonous grief
    just but to the fact
    they lack some framework cynefin
    that'd help them
    to travel beyond
    those dilemmas
    painted amaranthine

    not that those dreams are invisible
    just but to the fact
    that you won't be able to locate them
    even with a lorgnette or a monocie
    for recognizing them
    you just need to render
    your emotions
    wings of poetic fantasy
    to grasp their delicate fragility
    to guess their ecstasy

    living in a world
    where fables and lies
    carry same amount of transparency
    these dreams are the only thing serene
    that still believe
    being rendezvous
    with some enchantment
    of Autumn dance
    on a perfect Autumn night
    could be their vehicle
    hitchhiking them
    to some enlightened galaxy

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