• melissa_annl 10w

    This crossed my mind, while I was at the memorial and battlefield of The battle of Vicksburg.
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    Battle of Vicksburg

    I stand on the ground of blood
    The plains that meant death to 3,200 soldiers
    And if I listen hard enough, I can still hear their screams
    I hear the drums, the melody before death
    The drum plays, beating along the hearts of thousands of soldiers
    And two armies
    A beautiful but evil thing
    Like a funeral march
    Then all is silent
    A yell rings out
    Echoing off the hills and trenches till thousands more join in
    A defiant song, a song of hope
    Then the shots ring out
    Cannons meet the earth
    Creating scars
    And the soldiers,
    Marching towards hope, courage, and blood
    One by one
    Ashes, ashes
    They all fall down
    I can see it
    The scars, that's still mark the earth today
    The cannons, that fought the earth
    The soldiers
    The red
    The screams
    The drum
    The world fighting itself