• ifyouwantpeace 5w

    The internal struggle
    The sleepless nights
    Trying and trying
    to do things right
    You float while i’m drowning
    Your head so high
    Like a bird in the sky
    Watching clouds go by

    I am exhausted
    My feet are worn
    From walking on eggshells
    Since I was born
    But you can’t see
    What’s beneath the trees
    And I can’t change
    What you choose to believe

    I can’t leave,
    Can’t leave you behind
    But I can’t breathe
    I can’t have peace of mind
    I can’t leave, even if i tried
    There’s no rope
    Yet still my hands are tied

    Anchored and chained
    in a lifeless sea
    I wait to be free
    Or for the storm to take me