• nixquote 22w

    Everybody is tryna be dope to you
    Nobody is trying to bring that hope to yah!
    What would I do with the subsidies
    When my heart is a puff you breath
    I'm working hard to make it to the top
    With thoughts of you getting me Hot
    Relationship is not a conflict
    I take no changes
    when I have you as all my Answers

    When my feeling turn red and my heart turns blue
    Wishing you everyday is all what I know
    I'm trying to make myself better then we knew
    The story of what we started in a painted hue
    Correcting every point I will forever stick with you
    if you refuse to say yes
    It will break my heart
    But I Believe in your promises
    Which headed our start
    That's how honest is you and our trust
    Penning this down with goosebumps on
    It's your words keeping this strong
    Even if times afraid us of drawning
    We ocean hearted! .
    ©nixquote |
    (From my incomplete song)

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