• be_nidhi 23w

    The Reintegration


    I don't know if it's the monsoons
    Or is it the future's clarion call
    Has the veil gone thinner
    For us to be nearer
    Once more
    Heart and soul roar
    Hyetal moist air
    Brings back the "stare"
    Redolence of frondescence
    Fills me up with your essence
    Ichorous luminescent dew drop
    Hanging off the petiole, plops
    Onto my tongue and sprawls
    Through my veins and reigns
    Like brume in a moraine
    Ambrosial nectar stirs
    My blood's fibers and embers
    A thunderous, enchanted simulation
    Triggers our souls' reintegration
    Voltaic-magnetic lightening strands
    Catapult fervidly into our silhouettes
    The Kiss - souls deliquesce, coalesce
    Reunion - spiritual and physical !
    Paradisiacal-eternal bliss
    Consummation of divine-conspiring tryst.